Everyone knows Buffy rules, and that Seth Green is one of the funniest on the show! Did you miss one of Oz's appearances? Lucky you! Here's a list and description of the episodes Oz is in!

Seth    Episodes

"Inca Mummy Girl"
     Seth first appeared in this episode.
  Buffy gets a foreign exchange student 
living in her home.  The student and Xander
 kind of connect.  It turns out that the 
exchange student is some Mummy who
 was sacrificed as a girl.  In order to look
 young in Sunnydale, she has to suck the
 life out of people by kissing them.  Small
 part for Seth.

     Seth has a small part again. On Halloween,
Buffy, Willow, and Xander are forced to 
bring little kids around trick - or - treating.
Everyone who got their costume at a certain 
store turn into what their costume was supposed
to be.  

"What's My Line pt's one and two"
     Enjoyed Seth in this one!  It's Career
Week at Sunnydale.  Willow gets chosen
for a special computers program along with
Oz!  First time they meet!  Assasins have been
sent to try and kill Buffy.  

"Surprises and Innocence"
     It's Buffy's 17th birthday!  Her friends are 
planning a surprise party for her.  Spike and Dru
are up to some bad.  They are collecting the 
pieces to make the JUDGE!  Buffy and 
Angel sleep together, which makes Angel turn
 into a vicious vampire.  Buffy, Willow, Giles,
 Xander and Oz defeat the JUDGE, but Buffy
 won't be the same for a while.  Seth is there
, watch for him.

"Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"
      Valentine's Day; Cordy dumps Xander.  
Xander gets Amy (the daughter of the witch)
to make a love potion to make Cordy want
 him.  Instead, every other female in 
Sunnydale attacks Xander.  Buffy is turned
 into a 'Buffy-rat'.  Oz finds her.  Angel is also
 tormenting Buffy with gifts.

     Major Sethage!!!!!!!!!!  A werewolf is running
 around Sunnydale.  Buffy is trying to find it. 
 Oz is acting weird, and Willow pays him a visit 
at a very bad time.  She finds him trying to chain
 himself up.  She also sees him go through some
 "changes".  Definately  the best Seth episode!

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