Oz    Quiz

Think you know everything about Oz, Seth's character on Buffy? Let's see! Take this quiz and e-mail me the answers. I'll post who gets all the questions right here. Good Luck! Here is the new, and second seth quiz! Kudos to all the people who got the questions right before! Good luck this time around! Come on, I need more people to paste on my site, and if you did good on this quiz, try my Willow/Alyson Hannigan quiz on my other site. There's a link to it on this page. girl414@yahoo got all the q's right! good job!

The Quiz

1. Name three of Seth's movies.

2.  What is the name of Oz's band?

3. According to Oz, what nationality are

4.  What class did Oz, Buffy, and Willow
 have together on the second season?

5. What movie is Seth in with Alyson Hannigan?

6. What animal does Oz assure Willow can fend
for itself even though it's cute and cuddly?

7.  What is so special about Oz's van?

8.  What kind of sound does Oz's band have 
in the second season?

9.  In CHW, what color are Seth's glasses?

10.  What do the other animals in "the zoo" want
according to Oz?



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