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"I mock you with my monkey pants"   
(What's my line pt. 2)

The second place award goes to:

"I'm gonna ask you to go out with me 
tomorrow night, and I'm kinda nervous 
about it actually. It's interesting."  (Surprises)

The bronze goes to:

"Oh, no, practice. See, our band's kind 
of moving towards this new sound where...
we suck, so...practice."   (Surprises)

Other funny qoutes are:
OZ: "Oh, hey! Animal Cracker?"
WILLOW: "No, thank you. How's your arm?"
OZ: "Suddenly painless."
WILLOW: "You can still play the guitar OK?"
OZ: "Well, not well. But, I mean, not worse."
WILLOW: "You know, I never really thanked
OZ: "Oh, no. Please don't. I don't do 'thanks'
. I get all red. Have to bail. It's not pretty."  
(What's my line pt. 2)

"It happens. I'm living groupie free nowadays.
 I'm clean."   (Surprises)

"Hey, did everybody see that guy turn to dust?"  

"uh, arm!"   (Innocence)

 "Sometimes, when I'm sitting in class--you know,
 I'm not thinking about class, 'cause that would 
never happen--I think about kissing you. And, it's
 like everything stops. It's like, it's like...freeze
 frame. Willow kissage. (pauses) Oh, I'm not
 gonna kiss you."     (Innocence)

BUFFY: "Try it!" (as she slams the poor boy 
up against the wall...)
OZ: "Try what?"
BUFFY: "I'm sorry..."
OZ: "Still not clear what I'm supposed to try..."
BUFFY: "Nothing. God..I'm..sorry." 
(as she walks away)
OZ: "There's a tense person."   
 (What's my line pt. 2)

LARRY: "Oh, let me guess, that little
 innocent schoolgirl thing just, uh, an act, right?"
OZ: "Yeah, yeah, she's acctually an evil
 mastermind. It's fun."   (Phases)

WILLOW: "I'm sorry about how this ended
 up, with me shooting you and all..."
OZ: "It's okay. I'm-I'm sorry I almost ate you."
WILLOW: "It's okay."   (Phases)

OZ: "That kinda hurt."
XANDER: "'Kinda?!?' What was 
that for?"
OZ: "I was on the phone all night,
 listening to Willow cry about you. 
Now, I don't know exactly what happened,
 but I was left with a very strong urge 
to hit you."

BUFFY: "I seem to be having a slight
 case of nudity here."
OZ: "But you're not a call it an
 upside."    (Bewildered)

Oz: This is just the kind of sense thats....Not.

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