My    Favourite    CD's

Well, since you are all here, I decided to add this, hoping you all will read this list and go out and buy some of these awesome CD's. Don't just take my word for it....... visit CD Now at! There, you can listen to about 30 seconds of about 5 songs per CD of any band you wish! Have fun!

The   Top   10

Okay, bear with me now as I list my top 10 favourite
 CD's from number 1 to 10 (with 1 being the best)! P.S
 - just because it's number 10 doesn't mean it's bad!
 I could of done my top 100 and not even of told you 
everyone I thought noteworthy.

10.   Matchbox 20    "Yourself or Someone Like You"

9.  Kula Shaker       "K"

8.  Sublime        "Sublime"

7.   Marcy Playground    "Marcy Playground"

6.  The Doors     "The Best of the Doors    2 CD set"

5.  Smash Mouth     "Fush Yu Mang"

4.  Sugar Ray     "Floored"

3.  The Barenaked Ladies     "Rock Spectacle"

2. The "Can't Hardly Wait" soundtrack

1.   No Doubt     "Tragic Kingdom

Top    10    Movies

And, here is my legendary list of my top 10 
favourite movies.  Again, as with the CD's, 
please don't feel bad if I don't mention your
favourite movie.  I love a whole lot of movies, 
these are just some really great ones that
I think everyone should see!  
P.S - These are not in any order

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer"    (yes, the television
 show was based off of this PG-13 movie!  
The movie was first!)

"Good Will Hunting"  (A must see! Loved it!
 My all time fav.  Bring tissues)

"Can't Hardly Wait"  (Seth Green, Seth Green,
 Seth Green, Seth Green, need I say any more?)

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show"  (Okay, for those 
of you who've seen it, I must admit, it's really

"Romeo and Juliet"  (Okay, so you're tired of Leo like
 me?  Watch for John Leguzamo (spelling is probably

"Young Frankenstien"  (So funny, it split my sides!
Tip - Drink a whole bottle of Surge and watch it at 
1 o'clock in the morning!)

"Austin Powers"  (Funniest movie around.
Nothing else to say about it.  Funniest movie
around.  Tempting plus....Seth Green!)

"The Pest"  (Almost lives up to Austin Powers!
Another John L. plus!)

"Scream"   (Yes, I jumped, and not much scares me!
Loved the movie!  Skeet Ulrich, David Arquette, 
Matthew Lillard, and Jamie Kennedy help a lot!

"I Know What You Did Last Summer"   (Sarah Michelle-
Gellar is awesome in it!  Not to mention Freddie Prince 
Jr. and Ryan Phillipe!)

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