Think you are just like Willow? Looking for ways to be like her? Do you worship the ground Willow walks on? Or do you just want some laughs? Well, either way, you've come to the right place. Here is my list of ways to tell if you are a Willow FANATIC!

Everything    I    KNow    I    Learned    From    Willow

Here are ways to tell you are a Willow

You searched far and wide to get a
 boyfriend in a band

You beg your bf to change his hair color
 every week

You took a special class in computers to 
learn more (and secretly hoped to be invited
 to a special job on Career Day)

You begged your computers teacher to let
 you teach a class

You threw out the skirts and tank tops and 
decked out in fuzzy sweaters and overalls

You died  your own hair redish brown

All of a sudden, you find your best boy friend
very attractive

You've tried dialing 1-800-I'm-Dating-A-Skanky-
Ho and asked for your ex's new girlfriend

You asked around to find a witch to befriend

You beg your friends to dress in revealing tops
and mini skirts like Buffy

You deck your room with a cross and garlic

You search baby books for the full name Oz
could be

You learned how to get into your school's files
via the computer

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