Everybody knows Oz is way better than Xander. But, is he better than Angel? I think so. Here are my reasons why Oz is better than Xander and Angel.

Why    Oz    is    Better    Than    Xander    and    Angel

*FemJedi17* adds that Oz is better than
 Xander because he doesn't have to 
use witchcraft to get a girl to like him.

11.  He isn't a lot older than Willow.

10.  He respects Willow (doesn't make
 out all the time like Xander with Cordy)

9.  He's in a band.

8.  He can go out in the daytime.

7.  He's a better dresser than Xander.

6.  His jokes (and lines) are funny.

5.  He sees how special Willow is.

4.  He can have kids.

3.  He isn't a vampire.

2.  He is majorly hot.

1.  He hasn't been sucked into hell.

Your   Turn

Hey, I want your help!  If anyone has
 any other reasons why Oz is better than
 Angel or Xander, please let me know!  
E-mail me!