Hey, people! For all of you who get Entertainment Weekly, you've most likely cut out this article and pasted it on your walls (like me). If you are one of the unlucky people who don't subscribe to this wonderful magazine, you are probably wondering, "when are we gonna get to the article?" Well, wait no more. This is what you asked for. This is what you get.

Seth    Green       The    Enviable    One

Age 24 Why him?  With a resume (with 
accents on both the e's) that includes
 "Radio Days" (playing Woody Allen 
as a boy) And "Austin powers" (acting
 out as Dr. Evil's recalcitrant son), along 
with nebbishy sexy turns in Jennifer Love
 Hewitt's "Can't Hardly Wait" and "Buffy
 the Vampire Slayer," Green is just 
degrees away from becoming the Kevin
 Bacon of his generation.  

Work habits  "Plenty of crystal meth and
 Jolt cola," he jokes.  "No, seriously, I'm
 just so excited to have a job that I do what
 I can to make it fun for the cast, the crew,
 and and anyone else willing to watch."

Next?  He's a regular on next season's 
"Buffy" and is currently completing "Idle
 Hands," a comedic teen thriller.

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