Rumors and Lies I have Found About Trainspotting

The Rumors

~For release in the U.S., the actors
had to go back and do all of their 
dialouge over again because their
accents were too thick for Americans
to understand.

~Many scenes were cut from the movie
without Danny Boyle knowing it to
acheive the "R" rating.

The Truths

~Only Ewan McGregor's opening monolouge
that begins with "Choose Life" had to be
re-dubbed because his Scottish accent
was too thick for Americans unfamiliar 
with the accent to understand.

~Two scenes were cut by Danny Boyle at
the request of the Motion Picture
Association of America to get the "R" 
rating. One of those scenes was shot from
eye-view of a needle during an injection 
and the other was a shot of a lady 
enjoying sex "a bit too much."

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