Where Did Buffy Go?

In the season finale for 1997 - 1998, Buffy left at the very end.
  She was on a bus, and leaving Sunnydale (we know that 
because there was a sign).  Everyone wants to know where 
Buffy went.

Did she visit her Dad?

Did she go visit some friends in L.A.?

Is she going to check into a hotel to get away from the hell - mouth?

E-mail me with your ideas on where Buffy went.  
As long as they are 'PG-13' rated, I'll put them
 right here on my page so others can read
 your wonderful ideas!

******YO buffy i think she went to find Spike and
 kill him for deserting her, maybe she knew where
 he went, guessed, or just had an feeling.
But hey it's just my opinion

******i think buffy is going to go live in a hotel 
for a while, or just drive around until she finds 
somewhere to stop.  somewhere she won't 
have to face her problems.

*******hey, i think buffy didn't know where she
 was going either. she just wanted to get away
 from sunnydale for the summer and think. 
also, who could blame her for leaving 
sunnydale? she sent angel to hell she got 
expelled and her mother is majorly pissed at
-Buffy Fan

*******i think she went to a 2 starbucks town