Personally, I think Xander is stupid to not realize how special Willow really is. Then, on the other hand, since Xander is too blind, Willow is too good for him. Here are 10 reasons why Willow is too good for Xander.

Why    Willow    is    too    good    for    Xander

10.    She can help Buffy, and not
just get thrown out of the fight
in the beginning (like Xander is).

9. She has good advice.

8.   She could hack into any place 
on a computer.

7.   She cares about her friends
 (she isn't just rejoicing because Angel's 
'gone'  like Xander is).

6.  She could get any guy she 
wanted (if she opened up a little bit

5. She isn't going out with an airhead.

4.  She doesn't dream about going
to class in her underwear (in the 
nightmares episode, that was one of 
Xander's nightmares).

3. She is actually smart.

2.  Her boyfriend is really hot and she
 even stayed with him when she found
 out he was a werewolf.

1.  She doesn't make lame jokes.

If anyone has any other reasons why Willow is too good for Xander, please e-mail them to me.