So, all you fans think you know everything about Willow? How about Alyson Hannigan? Well, want to give it a shot? Take this quiz. E-mail the answers to me. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the page. Just click on it to send mail. How more easy could it get? I love hearing from all the fans of Willow. Good luck! *****TOOLCIV900 got 4 questions wrong out of 11. He is the first to respond to my quiz! Great job!***** also got all the questions right! Keep up the good work!***** even got the bonus right! Yeah!!!!

Willow/Alyson    Quiz

1.  What other movie was Alyson Hannigan
 in that Seth Green was also in?

2. In what episode is this quote: Willow: I'd 
still if you'd still.    Oz:  I'd still.  I'd very still.?

3.  In the first episode, what store does Cordy
 say Willow must of got her dress from?

4.  Why did Willow and Xander break up from
 going out when they were younger?

5.  What advice does Buffy give Willow in the
 first episode that leads Will to go over an talk
 to a vampire(and almost die)?

6.  Finish this quote:   "Explain this whole 'he
 will suck us into hell thing', ......

7.  What does Willow want Oz to get a A in? 
 Oh, and one of those gold stars.

8.  True of False?  Willow wore a Scooby - Doo
 shirt in the Invisible Girl episode?

9.  What color are her overalls in 'Phases'
 (the werewolf episode)?

10.  Most guys get what grade in 'Willow'?

What does Oz offer her the first time they meet?